Tanya (Kwini) Souleimane is the founder of  Kwini Souleimane Production 
Which is a umbrella for several departments of her company . Kwini has taken her unique talents and comprised them into a service for humanity. Her priority however is:
Nature is True to All- teaching Nature's Technique to Self-Healing

Twenty-Three years ago Kwini embarked upon a journey of illness which led her to learn Natures Techniques to self healing. ​Highly overweight she developed tumors in her arms and legs. She became very ill to the point of death. Weeks prior to her physical breakdown she was led by divine intervention to a book store where she purchased a book and began to study the book intensely. The techniques she studied in the book, was taken to a more  profound level the results are what you see below. 
      No Pills, No Surgeries, No Gimmicks this text.
​The Re-Discovery of Nature Techniques 
The Re-Discovery of Nature Techniques​