KYT Kreate’s for Children Programs
Unique programs stimulating the minds of children
Our programs are based on TEA curriculum. An original unique style of creative education capturing children attention through song, rhythm, dramatic poetry, and dance, building a stage presence allowing students to display their knowledge in the form of skits and plays. Invigorating their minds to the point that leaves them retaining the information within minutes and presenting information obtain to an audience. Building their confidence through the arts of Kreative Kreativity. Our program teaches communication skills, identification skills and social skills giving children the tools to advance in the world for which they live building a strong cultural foundation.

Who Am I -(great of Pre-K and Kindergartens )

A song that teaches the children the city and the state of where they live as well as helps the children to identify their address and phone numbers.
​Who Am I- Part 2- Extended Version- Teaches characters in history and their roles-
Also community leaders and their roles.

What You know about Texas
-a song that teaches the symbols of Texas (example the capitol, state bird, state tree, state mammal)

What You Know A​bout Your World

A song that teaches the seven continents of the world. ( Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America , Antarctica)
Regions- What You Say
-This song teaches the regions of USA- and the states within each region
Appropriate for all ages

Specialty Programs

Nature’s Child
This a story that takes the children on an imaginary trip, stimulating their imagination to the highest. Teaching the children about fruits and vegetables and their benefits through storytelling . The characters are made up of basic fruits brought to life, from different countries of the globe with each having a unique personality telling of their nutritional value in a dialect ( Southern fork lore, African, Speed Talking)
An informative, humorous, musical adventure you gonna love.
Meet the Characters in your imagination world of Nutrition

​​Cultural Program *****
A Kwanzaa Poem- and Song
This is a mini epic poem about Kwanzaa with teaches the culture base foundation of Kwanzaa leading into a catchy routine and song teaching the seven principles of Kwanzaa witch are the The Nguzo Saba
This is a must have for cultural programs. Principles of Kwanzaa
Umoja, Kujichagalia, Ujima, Ujamma, Nia, Kuumba, Imani

Activities - Reading and Writing Tutorials, Arts and Crafts, Nature Activities , Cultural Performances, Communications and More…

​                         The children love it and you will too!

Written, instructed and directed by Tanya (Kwini) Souleimane
Children Arts and Crafts Workshops
Parents Join In Workshop